Located near Manduria, Masseria Surani Winery is surrounded by 80 hectares of land of which 55 are used for viticulture; here the activity is particularly favored both by the climate, characterized by mild winters and hot and dry summers, and by a calcareous soil with a characteristic red ocher color and the consistent presence of iron. The interest in this territory and in history is testified by the fact that all the wines of this Apulian winery have the name of the gods of ancient Greece. The production is mainly based on the production of Primitivo, which owes its name to the particularly early character of the variety, one of the first to be harvested. Masseria Surani has recently become the property of Tommasi Family who owns 599 hectares of land scattered among the most productive wine regions of Italy.

Famiglia Tommasi
Giancarlo Tommasi
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Fiano, Primitivo, Primitivo di Manduria e Rosato di Negroamaro
Hectares vineyards:
55 ha
Masseria Surani - Manduria (TA) - Contrada Surani
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