Symbol of Abruzzo and its wines, Masciarelli is a wine reality that was born in 1978, thanks to the passion for the vineyard and for the wine, inherited from Gianni Masciarelli’s paternal grandfather. A real challenge, which over the years has been largely won and which has led to some of the most significant wines in the history of the Abruzzo region. A key moment of this journey is to be found at the end of the 80s, when Gianni meets Marina. A private and professional bond, which led to further growth and the birth of one of the most representative lines of Masciarelli, dedicated to her: that of "Marina Cvetic", today, along with "Villa Gemma", "Gianni Masciarelli" and "Castello di Semivicoli"It is one of the four company lines, divided into 14 different labels, for a total production that exceeds two million bottles per year. From the initial 2.5 hectares of vineyards, the company has been able to grow to reach the current 320 hectares, scattered in 14 different municipalities in the provinces of Chieti, Teramo, Pescara and L'Aquila. Vineyards very different from each other, with specific characteristics, rich in minerals, placed at various altitudes above sea level, cultivated both following the traditional pergola breeding and the guyot row. Soils exposed to different microclimatic conditions, which produce specific and different expressions of the vines cultivated in them, enhancing their respective peculiarities. The numbers, however, must not confuse: all the production stands out for the high average quality that can express. In the production philosophy of Masciarelli great importance has always been recognized to the territory and its wine culture and tradition, This is why Gianni Masciarelli has been betting on the potential of those vines that spoke the language of his people: Montepulciano and Trebbiano. Yesterday as today, in short, Masciarelli, and not least Marina Cvetic, are synonyms of quality wines and Abruzzo.

Gianni Masciarelli
Romeo Taraborrelli
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273 ha
Masciarelli - San Martino sulla Marrucina (CH) - Contrada Gamberale, 2
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