Le Lupinaie

The Agricultural company Le Lupinaie is located in the core of the Maremma Toscana where the 25 hectares of vineyards and olive tree groves surround the typical aged farmhouse built in the style of the Maremma. The Agricultural company le Lupinaie produces excellent wines such as the Morellino di Scansano DOCG  and the Maremma Toscano DOC  in the Ciliegiolo and Rosé versions. 

Aldo Galimberti
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Morellino di Scansano, Morellino di Scansano Riserva, Maremma Toscana, Maremma Toscana Rosato e Ciliegiolo doc
Hectares vineyards:
10 ha
Le Lupinaie - Montiano (GR) - Loc. Apparita, 14
Sito web:

Interview with producer

Which are the future projects for your cellar?

We are always careful about the quality and our company has the goal of a graduate expansion by always keeping the family management.  


In your opinion, how much is important the improvement of the quality of the wines you produce?

The increase of the quality is very important for a company such as ours. As we can’t compete with the big structures we have to be really focused on details to exclusively obtain great products.


If you have to convince a customer to buy your wine, what would you say to him?

It is difficult to convince a customer to buy one of our wines by speaking because the choice is subjective. By the way I can transmit all the love and dedication we put in our products.


Which is your favorite thing of your work, and which is the worst?

The fact of sharing with our customers the pleasure of the result of one year of work. I do not like exclusively base the conversation with some customers on the economic aspect.


If the Prime Minister would call you and he would ask you a wine for a very important dinner, which wine would you suggest him, and why?

I would suggest our Ciliegiolo doc “Il sole di notte“ served in a wide wine glass like the bordeaux at 16°/18°C. This is a young wine but old in the tradition and in its scent you can discover all the sensation of the territory which is connected to the nature and its valorization.

I would match it with a filet with green pepper, a simple but refined dish which helps this wine to exalt its qualities.


If you have to give an advice to all the cellars of your territory, what would you advice?

I would suggest to have more chatting and cohesion to face the problems connected with the globalization. This could help to deal with the foreign and national markets by being convinced in offering excellent products.


In the last years the web commerce is expanding a lot, the online wine shops are growing up more and more; how do you consider this market news?

The online sell should be the frontier of the commerce: we are aware of the great potential of this market which connects directly the produced to the consumer with an useful debate.


Why have you decided to commit the sale of the wines to the online wine shop Uritalianwines?

Since we had a direct contact with the responsible of the Uritalianwines, we trust him because we think he is capable and competent.


Which is the wine you would suggest to the online Uritalianwines customers and why?

I would suggest our Morellino di Scansano DOCG which represents the entry door of our company and all our products. 

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