Marked by the centuries and the events of history, immersed in the nature of this corner of Tuscany, Il Borro winery is the beating heart of our company. The structure of medieval origin, dug into the earth, winds under the Villa Il Borro in a silent path, the path of winemaking: everything here is aimed at favoring the cycles of nature and turn simple fruits into wine. The grapes of each vineyard are harvested manually and carefully selected, destemmed, pressed and conveyed in steel or wood containers for alcoholic fermentation. The careful management of each parcel does not make use of recipes, but lives of specific interventions according to the ever-changing conditions of the raw material. The macerations are treated with care case by case in order to optimize the process for obtaining the best expression of the fruit of our vineyards and our territory. In the long path of growth of our wines, aging plays an equally fundamental role where from time to time we select French oaks with particular attention to the forest of origin and toasting, so that the elevation takes place in optimal conditions for a perfect enhancement of the scents and flavors of our products. In addition, to give even more complexity to our wines, the blends take place after aging and after a strict choice of individual barrels. Before the wine leaves the winery to tell its story to the world, the passage in glass is fundamental for their correct aging.

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84 ha
Il Borro - Loro Ciuffenna (AR) - Località Borro, 1
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