Campo alla Sughera

Bolgheri, noble village in the Tuscan countryside, where you can breathe the sea of the Tyrrhenian coast, land loved by the great poet Giosuè Carducci. This place handed down precious wine traditions, since the Etruscan age. The road to success began in the '60s and consolidated in the '80s, with the recognition of the DOC Bolgheri and the Anglo-Saxon nickname Super Tuscans, dedicated to wines of great value, produced with the "innovative" French vines. The soil on which the prized vines are grown is of alluvial nature with marine deposits, geologically dated in the Pliocene. Stratigraphic observations point out that to a superficial layer of sandy nature, a layer thick some meters of gravely nature is inserted. This nature means that the soil allows meteoric waters to drain well. Plants, in fact, manage to carry in circulation, and then move in the berries and wines, many good characteristics of these substances, absorbed by the rooting apparatus. The vineyards of Campo alla Sughera, as already mentioned, were conceived at the end of the 90s with the primary objective of producing wines of the highest level. With the passage of time, seeing the various vines growing, living their vegetative, reproductive and enological response to the changing seasons, it was possible to learn their winning nature. The winery adopts solutions that, despite their modernity, are rooted in established traditions. Here then is the vertical development of the structures, which allows the exploitation of the force of gravity for the handling of crushes, musts and wines. Even if they are at the disposal of the technicians of the maceration tanks, equipped with very sophisticated fulling mechanisms, an ancient and always valid maceration technique has been recovered: the manual replacement of the wine on the pomace cap. This allows to avoid that parts of this remain dry, preventing the precious components of the skins to fail. More modern is the strict temperature control, in every single phase of the production process. During the ripening phase it was considered strategic the choice of woods and the identification of the right interaction variety/ wood. After careful and repeated experimentation, I now have a park of first order woods, consisting of essences from the best French forests, aged for a minimum of 3 years in the open air. These woods, particularly pure, give nuances of sweetness to the fruity notes of my wines, helping to form a very fine and elegant overall aromatic framework. In the Campo alla Sughera farm, after destemming and soft pressing, the stainless steel maceration tanks, each independent and thermoregulated, are fed from above without the use of pumps. The maceration is carried out for about 12-15 days with intense replacement and fulling, operations carried out at controlled temperature. After the racking and the first racking, the barriques are immediately filled, where the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation.

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Bolgheri Superiore
Campo alla Sughera - Castagneto Carducci (LI) - Strada Provinciale Bolgherese
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