The sparkling wine from Sicily

This region produces many quality wines characterized by strong personalities and since long time ago the Sicilian wines produces the sparkling wine which is very prestigious.

The wines have always been produced in Sicily: from the Phoenicians to the Greeks. These lasts introduced the Grecanico and improved the already existing cultivations.

Since the half of 1500 the production improved especially in Palermo and in the Lipari Island. In the past century, the white wines production improved again and there are produced the Inzolia and the Grillo and the Chardonnay and the Muller Turgau used for the sparkling wines of Sicily.

One of the particularities of this region is the climatic condition and the volcanic soils which are easy to be cultivated with any kind of grapes.

Very high quality sparkling wines

The sparkling wines of Sicily are for example the Nerello Mascalese, picked before the normal time which needs a refinement in bottle of at least 24 months thanks to the help of selected yeasts which help the taste of this wine with floral and fruity aromas with a remarkable mineral and acid taste.

In the south-west area of Sicily in the Agrigento province there is the limestone soil perfect for the Chenin Blanc which has a straw yellow color and it must be refined for 3 months in bottle with a proof of 11.5%.

There is also the Donnafugata sparkling wine which is very refined and elegant and it is produced on a limestone and potassium soil rich of Mediterranean taste perfect to be matched with the local food.

Suggested pairings with each aroma

The Sicilian sparkling wine is extremely suitable to many courses especially with the raw fish, with the crustaceans but also as appetizer.

The fruity taste is remarked by balsamic aromas of citron and thyme which give an exotic aroma which as no equals.

The strong contrasts make it perfect with fish eggs and it must be served at 6-8°C in large and wide wine glasses to taste at their best the olfactory characteristics.

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