Wines from Lazio

The Lazio region has always been a prolific territory about quality wines and if in the past years the aim was the quantity and not the quality, in these last years the look is at the past with the improving of many local vines. Lazio is honored by three DOCG, twenty-six DOC Lazio wines and six IGT. The main famous wines from Lazio could be the Cesanese del Piglio DOCG a ruby red wine with a soft and lightly bitter taste obtained by the Cesanese grapes, there is also the Cannellino di Frascati DOCG with a characteristic straw yellow color with a delicate aroma with fruity hints and the Frascati Superiore DOCG soft and velvety with an intense grapes aroma. The choice between white or red wines from Lazio is not easy. All the production has to be brought to our tables to be enjoyed.

The Lazio vine varieties

The Lazio region is half covered by hills for this reason is perfect to be cultivated with local vines to produce wonderful wines from Lazio. For the production of the Lazio white wines there are used the Malvasia grapes such as the Bianca Lunga or the Candia one and the famous Trebbian grapes. There is also the Grechetto vine cultivated at the Umbria border and used to produce the Colli Etruschi Viterbesi DOC in classic and sparkling versions. For the red berries there is the Cesanese vine then there is the Ciliegiolo whose name comes from its appearance and taste like a cherry which is used for the Genazzano and the Viganello both DOC. Another classic cultivation is the Merlot which is the basis of at least seven local wines and the Cabernet Sauvignon used at 50% for the Anagni IGT rosso.

Why buying wines from Lazio

One of the main reason to buy a wine from Lazio is its adaptability to several local foods. For example the white wines from Lazio can be matched with fishes, with intense cheeses or with sea food. The Cesanese grapes are perfect with baked pig or with roast lamb while the red wines are perfect with “bucatini all’amatriciana”. Visit our online wine shop and find out all the on sale wines of our Lazio wines with the best prices. You can chose from a wide range of the wines from Lazio, the one which better fit with your tastes with very special prices. Chose the Lazio wines and buy the Lazio wine DOC with an exceptional offer for the best quality to have the possibility to taste it with your friends and for a perfect wine and food union.