Amarone della Valpolicella "Le Origini" 2017 RISERVA DOCG Bolla

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Winery Bolla
Denomination Amarone Riserva DOCG
Vintage 2017
Grapes 75% Corvina e Corvinone, 25% Rondinella.
Alcohol content 15,50%
Cl 75cl
Sulfites Contains sulphites
Code ICQRF VR/4945
Winery headquarter Bolla - Pedemonte (VR) - Viale Alberto Bolla, 3
Bottle size Standard bottle
Combination Cold cuts and salami, Pasta with meat sauce, Florentina Steak, wild game, Pot roast, Tagliatelle with mushrooms, Hard cheese, Sliced beef
Region Venetian (Italy)
Style Full-bodied and intense
Wine list Amarone
Wine description

In 1950 the grandson of the founder of the Valpolicella winery bottled the grandfather’s favourite wine for his 80th birthday. It was the Amarone. So it started the history of this wine which was first produced by the Bolla winery. This wine is made by 75% Corvina and Corvinone grapes and the 25% is Rondinella. The grapes are picked perfectly sane and matures and they are suitable to be withered and they are the basis of the production of the Amarone “Le Origini” Riserva of the Bolla. The vineyards are cultivated with the pergola method and are located at Marano and Negrar areas. The grapes once picked rest for 120 days with the optimal temperature, humidity and ventilation. The wither process enriches the sugar concentration and the polyphenolic components. At the end of January there is the pressing, and the pre-fermentation maceration at 5°C for about 7 days. It follows the slow fermentation period for 25 days at 18-22°C. It follows the post-fermentation for 5 days at 24°C. This wine matures in 750 litre barrels for 12 months and other 36 months in barrels of 40 and then of 80 hectolitres. Finally, it takes place the bottle aging for 9 months.


Characteristics of the Amarone Riserva of the Bolla winery

This wine has a charged and velvety garnet color with purple reflections. The smell has wild cherry, jam, ripe pear, vanilla, liquorice and cedar. The taste is wide and warm with cacao and spicy aromas.


Suggested pairings of this great red wine of the Valpolicella

It can be matched with grilled red meats, pepper steaks or charged flavoured pasta with horse meat sauce. It is perfect also with game and aged cheeses. It can be drunk as meditation wine and the ideal service temperature is 20°C. The proof is 16.5%.

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