Pol Roger

Maison Pol Roger is located in Avenue de Champagne 44, in a French Village called Epernay. This location was defined by Winston Churchill as “the most delicious and drinkable address of the world”. The winery was born in the middle of 19th Century, in 1849 and takes its name by its founder, descendant of a famous family of notaries. Set on strict rules and defined strategies the company decided from the first years to specialize itself in the production of Champagne Brut Vintage with high predisposition to the aging and a great longevity. People and wine lovers of all over the world appreciated this type of wine. It is one of the few Maison that is till owned by the original family that takes care and preserve the philosophy of the winery: it is necessary to select only the best grapes of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier in order to obtain wines and then Cuvèe that will be able to celebrate the excellence of the region of Champagne and of its sparkling wines. The result is the continuous and increasing prestige that Pol Roger gains year after year. Its champagnes were celebrated and exalted by famous people like Winston Churchill. The Maison dedicated one of its best Cuvée to him, that was called White Foil and then re-named Cuvée Winston Churchill.

All the Champagne produced by Pol Roger have developed a complete malolactic fermentation, that gives them softness. During this process the malic acid is transformed into lactic acid by bacteria. This makes the wine smoother, more elegant, perfumed and classy.

Vini prodotti:
Champagne Brut Reserve, Champagne Pure, Champagne Rich, Champagne Vintage, Champagne Blanc de Blancs Vintage, Champagne Brut Rosé, Champagne Sir Winston Churchill
Total bottles produced:
FRANCIA - Epernay Cedex, 1, Rue Henri Le Large
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