The Cantina Perla del Garda has a recent history, but one that is rooted in a well-established passion for the land and all that goes with it. The company was founded in 2006, the year in which the Cantina's first Lugana DOC wine was also produced: shortly afterwards, after numerous recognitions, the Cantina Perla del Garda can boast of being able to use the appellation Lugana Riserva Doc, which from 2016 will also be certified as organic. The vineyards cover an area of around 40 hectares and are located south of Lake Garda near the sanctuary of the Madonna della Scoperta, which also gave rise to one of this company's wines. The production method on which the genesis of these wines is based involves the manual harvesting of the bunches of grapes and drop vinification, as well as special attention to the fields themselves, where around 8 hectares out of 40 are cultivated organically.

Owner Giovanna e Ettore Prandini
Enologist Cesare Ferrari
Region Lombardy (Italy)
Year established 2000
Wines produced Lugana, Lugana Riserva, Lugana Superiore, Lugana Vendemmia Tardiva, Rosato e Lugana Spumante Metodo Classico
Total bottles produced 250000
Hectares of vineyard 34
Address PERLA DEL GARDA - Lonato del Garda (BS) - Via Fenil Vecchio, 9
wines of the winery PERLA DEL GARDA
Lugana "ORA"
Lugana "ORA" [[PERLA DEL GARDA]] € 10.80 € 13.90
Lugana "PERLA"
Lugana BIO
Lugana BIO [[PERLA DEL GARDA]] € 13.60 € 16.00
Lugana Riserva "MADRE PERLA" BIO
Lugana Vendemmia Tardiva
Spumante Metodo Classico Lugana Millesimato Brut Nature BIO
New arrivals BIO
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