Since 1977, Marolo has been interpreting the spirit of the territory by distilling grappa from the best Italian grape varieties, enhancing, in particular, the extraordinary varietal heritage of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, territories now recognized as World Heritage Sites.Marolo represents the spirit of the territory, the loyalty to its noblest vines, transformed into grappas that enhance its natural characteristics. The distillation takes place through discontinuous stills in a bain-marie, one for white marc and one for red: small quantities and very long times, which respect the raw material and give it a noble personality.All the pomace come to the distillery fresh, in excellent condition, at the right degree of fermentation. For the production are preferred lightly pressed pomace because they keep intact skins, rich in aromas that will be extracted from distillation.For the distillation of the pomace, Marolo uses exclusively bain-marie stills, ancient technique with slow and discontinuous extraction.Raw materials and technologies would be useless without the experience, hands and passion of the master grappaiolo. He is the director under whose work the grappa comes to life.Marolo distillery adopts a process of distillation and aging of its products studied and customized in order to distinguish its range of products. The process includes: Custom-made aging, designed grappa for grappa; evolution, not aromatization; absolute respect for the varietal expression of the initial vine as aromas, scents, peculiarities; old woods, for measured and delicate extractions. Grappa must "taste of grappa", not of the barrel from aging.

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MAROLO - Alba (CN) - Corso Canale, 105
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