The Maison Lallier is located in Ay, land of Champagne with very ancient origins. Land of people passionate about vineyards and Champagn, to the point of having made this portion of French territory famous all over the world for its prestige and for its renown.Already in 344 the Romans discovered Ay and its vineyards. The wines of Ay are also mentioned in the works of Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD). In 1936 Ay became one of the first communes in the Champagne area to be classified as "Grand Cru". The grounds of the manufacturer Lallier, are located in the heart of Ay, above "arched caves" existing since the eighteenth century, the maison bears the name of René James Lallier, fifth generation of a family very appreciated in Champagne.Since 2004 it is Francis Tribaut who runs the prestigious company. A leading personality in champagne and passionate about wines, he expresses all his talent in wines and helps to give a new dimension to the house, higher in prestige and international representation.

Francis Tribaut
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Champagne Blanc de Blanc, Champagne Millesime, Champagne Brut NATURE, Champagne GRAND ROSE, Champagne GRAND CRU "Ouvrage
Champagne Lallier - Aÿ, Francia - 4 Place de la Libération
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