The Josselin family, winemakers from generation to generation, acquired in 1854 the first plot of vines on the terroir of Gyé sur Seine, an enchanting Champagne village crossed by the Seine. Starting from some plots inherited from his parents, Jean Josselin, at the price of hard work, constitutes a vineyard among the best hills: Beauregard, Davasgné, Cosvigne. In 1957 he began the great adventure of Champagne. He created his own Champagne brand Jean Josselin. The vineyard consists of 14 plots, which benefit from different exposures, thus bringing greater diversity to the bottles produced. The three varieties of Champagne are cultivated, which in a continental climate and on soft clayey-calcareous soils allow the elaboration of elegant and fruity Champagnes. The vine, in particular Pinot Noir, finds in the clayey-calcareous soil all the elements propitious to its good development. It allows it to express itself with its fruity taste, its finesse and its lightness.

Jean-Pierre Josseline
Jean-Pierre Josseline
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Champagne Cuvee Del Jean, Champagne Blanc de Blanc
Champagne Jean Josselin - Gyé sur Seine, Francia - 14 Rue des Vannes
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