I Sabbioni

The Società Agricola I Sabbioni was founded in Oriolo, a small hamlet in the municipality of Faenza, in Emilia Romagna, among the sandy hills and yellow soil. The name of the winery thus recalls the typical soil of the province of Ravenna, where, between Faenza and Forlì, in 1987 the skull of a Mammuth was found, which is also found in the company logo. The objective of the farm of Ravenna, is to express the essence of the territory and Sangiovese, in a rich and elegant sip, which recalls and traces the hospitality and hospitality of these lands. Wines born in Emilia Romagna, with the idea of conviviality, dinners with friends and family, the labels of the winery I Sabbioni are rich in aromas and flavors simple and genuine, linked to the land and nature that surrounds the company. The territory and the surrounding environment not only lends itself but has a strong predilection for the breeding of vines and Sangiovese, giving the plants medium tannins, good minerality and acidity, supported by a robust body and fruity sip. About 15 hectares of vineyards, located on the hills between Forlì and Faenza, between an altitude between 70 and 150 meters above sea level, with modest slopes, warm-continental climate and clay soils and yellow sands, from the Pliocenico period.The I Sabbioni winery thus offers authentic and territorial wines, within the Romagna Sangiovese DOC denomination and the "Oriolo" sub-area, in the three types: Sangiovese Superiore, Oriolo and Riseva. This is how labels that have Sangiovese as the only protagonist are born, celebrated in different shades and vinifications. "The Flights of the Bee-eaters", dedicated to the sea, fossils and creatures that populate these lands. "Le Liti", in memory of the children’s games and the playful quarrels that took place in the yards or between the rows. "The Refuges" is instead dedicated to the narrow high tunnels dug into the sand, which during the Second World War saved the lives of many people. Oriolo takes its name from the small subzone and is synonymous with purity and territoriality tasty and genuine.

Owner Dino Zoli
Enologist Marco Fioretti
Region Emilia Romagna (Italy)
Year established 2008
Wines produced Sangiovese
Total bottles produced 95000
Hectares of vineyard 10
Address Società Agricola I Sabbioni - Forlì (FC) - Viale Bologna 286/A
wines of the winery I Sabbioni
Sangiovese Superiore DOC
Romagna Albana "Uva Flava Byzantium" DOCG
Forlì Bianco "LE LITI BIANCHE"
LE LITI DOP [I Sabbioni] € 13.40 € 19.90
ORIOLO DOC [I Sabbioni] € 19.90 € 27.50
Spumante Metodo Classico Dosaggio Zero "Blanc de Noir"
Selection 6 Emilian Wines
Sangiovese Superiore "I VOLI DEI GRUCCIONI" DOC
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