Filari di Luna

The principles are the selection of grapes, careful vinification, respect for authenticity. All elements that characterize the line of wines "Filari di Luna". The company aims to satisfy the most refined tastes of our consumers, in total respect of traditions and territory, offering wines of excellent quality.Creativity, typicality and careful choice of raw materials are the main attentions that characterize our label. Our wines embrace various portions of noble wine territories, such as the Langa, rich in history and tradition that "Filari di Luna" can transform into real masterpieces. The sip contains the image and sensations, as well as the scents and emotions identical to those you try to see with your own eyes the hills of Pavia, sharp and wild, deeply marked by the gullies dug by the erosion of the river Tanaro that connects the cities of Alba and Asti, thus connecting, ideally, two great wineries.In these places time seems to have stopped, this is the "Langa contadina" where bonfires are still lit in summer, from hill to hill.This is the Langa that we modestly try to evoke in the bottles of "Filari di Luna".

Ugo Repetto
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba Superiore, Nebbiolo d’Alba, Langhe Rosso, Barbaresco, Barolo, Barolo Riserva, Bianco di Luna, Roero Arneis, Moscato d’Asti, Alta Langa.
Total bottles produced:
Filari di Luna - Alba (CN) - Corso Piera Cillario Ferrero, 8
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