Ferghettina is one of the main winery in the Franciacorta landscape and it was founded in 1991 by Roberto Gatti after years of experience. In 2002 the winery moved to Adro and since that moment the winery improves a lot thanks to the knowhow of the founder and his son and daughter Matteo and Laura.The love for their own vineyards and the everyday experience are the main aspect in the results of Laura and Roberto. From the sweet Franciacorta hills born the Ferghettina wine synonym of quality and safety.The winery is structured in three levels and it is 6000 hectares big. The main rooms are where the grapes arrive and where they are pressed, the fermentation of the musts and the fermentation and re-fermentation before the refinement on the yeasts typical of the Franciacorta. There are also the barrels refinement, the bottling process and the disgorging of the wine and the stocking. There is also a big guest room so to try the wonderful products of the Ferghettina winery. Roberto is joined by Laura and Matteo both with the wine degree, the wife Andreina and 15 employers. The annual production is 350000 bottles divided in four typologies of the DOCG Franciacorta: Brut, Saten, Extra Brut and Rosè. There are also three still wine a red Curtefranca, a white Curtefranca Bianco and an IGT Sebino.

Owner Roberto Gatti
Enologist Roberto Gatti
Region Lombardy (Italy)
Year established 1990
Wines produced Franciacorta Brut, Franciacorta Rosé, Franciacorta Saten, Franciacorta Pas Dosé, Franciacorta Extra Brut, Curtefranca Rosso, Curtefranca Bianco
Total bottles produced 400000
Hectares of vineyard 200
Address Azienda Agricola Ferghettina - Adro (BS) - Via Saline, 11
wines of the winery Ferghettina
Curtefranca Bianco DOC
Curtefranca Rosso DOC
Franciacorta Brut DOCG
Franciacorta Rosé Brut DOCG Millesimato
Franciacorta Extra Brut DOCG Millesimato
Franciacorta Extra Brut DOCG "Eronero"
Franciacorta Brut Saten DOCG
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Franciacorta Brut DOCG Milledì
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Magnum 1,5 Liters Franciacorta Brut DOCG in Box
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Franciacorta Pas Dosè DOCG Riserva 33
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