Monte Vulture is an ancient volcano by now inactive, characterized by soils of lava and by a climate characterized by strong thermal excursions. In this scenario, Elena Fucci's farm comes to life in the 2000s, when the young winemaker, supported by her parents, decides to take charge of what were the historic family vineyards. Plots of rare beauty, beautifully exposed and located in Contrada Solagna in Barile, near Potenza, in the heart of the Aglianico del Vulture. After completing her studies in oenology, this is how Elena Fucci gave life to the “Titolo”, the only red produced by this small Lucanian company. A single wine, at the moment, for reasons strictly linked to the yields of the vineyards and directly connected to the quality of the fruit given by the maturity of the plants. A single wine to be able to best represent the deepest specificity of Aglianico and the territoriality of Vulture, a place that offers this vine an exceptional natural habitat, in which the mix that is created between microclimate and terroir reaches give one of the best possible expressions of what is the most important red grape variety in all of Southern Italy. A red that immediately stood out among enthusiasts and professionals, who praised it for its elegance and power, characteristics that have always distinguished its trait. Not only that: it is also thanks to this Aglianico so important and long-lived that with the passage of time the spotlight has turned on the whole denomination and on a territory particularly suited to viticulture. It is also thanks to figures like that of Elena Fucci that the typicality of a region is enhanced and exalted which, when it comes to wine, certainly has a lot to offer.

Elena Fucci
Elena Fucci
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6 ha
Azienda Agricola Elena Fucci - Barile (PZ) - Contrada Solagna del Titolo
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