The Maison Comte de Montaigne relies on the ancestral “savoir-faire” of its chef de cave who has been able to respect traditions, against mass production, while at the same time evolving its range of Champagne so that it is suitable for everyone. Thanks to him, the grapes are carefully selected every year, for constant quality. The winemaking process is strictly controlled to meet the needs of the Maison Comte de Montaigne. The climatic and socio-economic changes experienced since 1868 have been taken into consideration by the Maison to evolve over time while respecting traditions. What translates today through a transversal range of champagnes that are equally well suited to more experienced connoisseurs than to beginners. Comte de Montaigne Champagnes are rich in a marked identity, respectful of the past and aware of modernity. The geographical position of the Maison Comte de Montaigne, in the south of Champagne, allows it to create cuvées based on Pinot Nero and Chardonnay grapes, this assembly makes the champagnes structured with Pinot Noir and fruity with Chardonnay.

Owner Stéphane Revol
Enologist Philippe Narcy
Region France
Year established 1868
Wines produced Champagne
Total bottles produced 1000000
Hectares of vineyard 40
Address Comte de Montaigne - Celles sur Ource, Francia - 5 Rue Jardins
wines of the winery COMTE DE MONTAIGNE
Champagne Grande Reserve Brut in Box
Champagne Blanc de Blancs Grande Reserve Brut Astucciato
Champagne Extra Brut Grande Reserve in Box
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Champagne Grande Reserve Rosé in Box
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Champagne Cuvèe Special Brut in Box
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Magnum 1,5 Liters Champagne Grande Reserve Brut in Box
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