Chateau Feuillet

The Château Feuillet winery was founded in 1997 by Maurizio Fiorano, thanks to the winemaking tradition handed down by his grandfather Tinet. The winery is located not far from Aosta and extends for about 3 hectares, with the renewal of production systems and business growth, this winery is in continuous development. The bottles produced annually are about 40.000 to date, but the company aims to increase this number. Château Feuillet vinifies many varieties, both white and red, exclusively transforming grapes from its own grape varieties.

Owner Fiorano Maurizio
Enologist Fiorano Maurizio
Region Aosta Valley (Italy)
Year established 1997
Wines produced Chardonnay, Fumin, Moscato Bianco, Petite Arvine, Pinot Nero, Syrah, Torrette e Torrette Superiore
Total bottles produced 40000
Hectares of vineyard 3
Address Château Feuillet - Saint-Pierre (AO) - Loc. Château Feuillet, 12
wines of the winery Chateau Feuillet
Chardonnay DOP
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Moscato Bianco DOP
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Pinot Nero DOP
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Petite Arvine DOP
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Syrah DOP
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Syrah DOP [[Chateau Feuillet]] € 22.50 € 26.50
Torrette Superiore DOP
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Fumin DOP
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Fumin DOP [[Chateau Feuillet]] € 32.80 € 39.00
Torrette DOP
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