Brancaia winery was born in 1981 when the spouses Brigitte and Bruno Widmer fell in love with Brancaia, an abandoned building not far from Castellina in Chianti and decided to buy it. Starting from that moment on their dedication and their passion  spread their ideal of quality in other important provinces of Tuscany. Their first recognition arrived two years later, in 1983, when Brancaia won the first prize at a tasting of “Chianti Classico”. This brought the activity to a continuous growth starting from 1989 with the purchase of the farm “Poppi a Radda in Chianti” and after a few years, in 1989, with the creation of “Brancaia in Maremma”, a fabulous property not far from the sea. The result of this context are great wines able to recall their territories in a contemporary way, without compromises. Strong and elegant wines; in a single word: Tuscan.

Owner Barbara Widmer
Enologist Carlo Ferrini, Barbara Widmer
Region Tuscany (Italy)
Year established 1981
Wines produced Chianti Classico DOCG, Chianti Riserva DOCG, Rosso Igt, Rosso Toscana Igt, Rosato Toscana Igt
Total bottles produced 500000
Hectares of vineyard 25
Address BRANCAIA - Radda in Chianti (SI) - Località Poppi, 42
wines of the winery BRANCAIA
Rosato Toscana Rosè BIO
Rosso Toscana "TRE"
Rosso Toscana "TRE" [BRANCAIA] € 13.51 € 16.90
Chianti Classico DOCG BIO
Chianti Classico RISERVA DOCG BIO
Rosso Toscana "ILATRAIA" BIO
Rosso Toscana "IL BLU" 2016
Rosso Toscana "IL BLU" BIO 2019
Magnum 1,5 Litri Rosso Toscana "IL BLU" 2017 in Wooden Box
Magnum 1,5 Litri Rosso Toscana "IL BLU" BIO 2019 in Wooden Box
Bianco Toscana "IL BIANCO"
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Selection 6 Tuscan Wines
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