Coming from Valle Grana near Cuneo, Pietro Bordiga has a great passion for officinal herbs, botanicals and oriental spices. After moving to Turin he marries the owners' daughter of a famous café in the city, Caffè Dilei: thanks to his curiosity for spirits, a new recipe for Vermouth di Turin is invented. which immediately achieved great success: this is how the Bordiga Distillery comes to life in Cuneo in 1888, in a city that enjoys proximity to the Langhe area, home of Barolo and Barbaresco, but also of the Alps, where officinal herbs spread over the wide valleys. Despite the crisis of the 1920s which led to the closure of the activities of numerous small artisans, the Bordiga Distillery has remained faithful to its basic values and to the use of raw materials of native quality of the territory, an element that has allowed it to affirm up to to date its undisputed importance: in particular, Bordiga dedicates itself to the collection of spontaneous herbs harvested by hand and without the use of pesticides or fungicides, in the name of a sustainable choice and in full respect of nature, with the aim  of maintaining the BIO label. The production of this distillery ranges from Vermouth to Elixirs, from grappas to tinctures: all products for which Bordiga is very rigorous in keeping the ingredients used secret.

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Amaro, Gin, Elisir, Vermouth, Liquore
BORDIGA - Cuneo (CN) - Via Valle Maira, 98
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