In Ay, one of the historic towns in the heart of the French region of Champagne, is the Maison Bollinger, founded in 1829 by Athanase Louis Emmanuel, Count of Villermont, who chose to join together with the German Joseph Bollinger and the wine enthusiast Paul Ranaudin. Over the years, after having succeeded in imposing its bubbles especially in the English and American markets, it was Joseph Bollinger who became the man-symbol of the House. Today universally recognized for the great quality of its wines, the winery, thanks to the privileged position of its own vineyards and also thanks to a strict production ethic, even sanctioned by written principles, has been established for years at international level. To give an example of the strict rules followed by the company, just say that only the must from the first pressing is used for the production of Champagne, while everything obtained with the second pressing is sold to other wineries. Currently, the house can count on an extension vine that covers over 160 hectares, most of which are divided between the mountain of Reims and the territory of Ay. Classified for more than half as Grand Cru, and as Premier Cru for the rest, the vineyards are bred with meticulous care, so the plants grow in full respect of the environment and ecosystem. In addition to Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, Pinot Noir is above all the grape variety around which revolve the assemblages of the house, which using the grapes of this vine, is able to give its Champagne richness, vinosity and roundness. From Brut "Special Cuvée" to Extra Brut "R.D.", from Rosé to vintage, in the historic cellars of aging, consisting of miles of tunnels, all Champagne labeled Bollinger age from three to eight years, much more than required by disciplinary, ensuring the perfect development of aromas and always expressing the maximum possible balance.

Famiglia Bollinger
Mathieu Kauffmann
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Champagne Brut, Champagne Brut Rosé, Champagne Grande Annee.
Champagne Bollinger - Aÿ (Francia) - 16, Rue Jules-Lobet
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