The Winery Bellavista represents the excellence of Italian sparkling wine, it is located in a corner of rare beauty between the Lake Iseo and the Po Valley with an extension of 190 hectares of vineyards divided into 107 cru located in 10 of the most significant areas of Franciacorta. The wine Bellavista route begun in 1977 with the idea of Vittorio Moretti, who has been able to develop the properties selecting the vineyards with the best exposure, cultivating their lands with a philosophy that blends tradition and innovation. The style of the Bellavista wines is characterized both in the viticulture that respects the land and knows how to interpret the rhythms of nature with calm and foresight, and in the winery where each year are born great Bellavista Cuvée with amazing character and personality. From the wineries Bellavista come out every year about one million bottles of fine Italian wine, with Bellavista sparkling wine to lord, not forgetting the fine white and red wines and taste and silky soft sole brandy production. The hand harvest and the pressing, selecting vineyard to vineyard and the fermentation in small barrels are gestures that are repeated with patience and determination, praising the tradition and wisdom of the hands, and that make the Bellavista wine one of the finest of the great Italian wine tradition. The Bellavista Franciacorta is one of the most popular Italian sparkling wines scene in the entire world, with the Bellavista Alma to act as host and spearhead for the best sparkling brut Italic. Bellavista wineries style means choosing not to do the things they like, but those that remain, to be sure that the weather will turn waiting, in sincere friendship and bonds that last a lifetime.

Vittorio Moretti
Mattia Vezzola
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Franciacorta, Curtefranca
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
190 ha
Bellavista - Erbusco (BS) - Via Bellavista, 5
Vini della cantina Bellavista