Filippo Antonelli and Vittorio Zoppi are the founders of Antica Torino, and assisted by sommelier Paola Rogai, they aim to propose innovative aromatized wines, liqueurs and traditional distillates of Piedmont, inspired by ancient traditional recipes. For the creation of their products there are years of research and experiments, with the intent to present recipes of the past renewed and made current. Among the products in the showcase can not be mentioned the Vermouth, symbol of the Piedmontese capital, which with its similarity to the Vermouths drunk during the Belle Epoque gives the opportunity to recreate cocktails with flavors and scents of over 100 years ago. Along with the exceptional Vermouth of Antica Torino there is also the Amaro, always made according to the idea of the liquor factory to give new life to the recipes of the most ancient Piedmontese traditions.

Vittorio Zoppi e Filippo Antonelli
Paola Rogai
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Amaro e Vermouth
Antica Torino Srl - Torino (TO) - Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 12
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