The Second World War had just ended, when Roberto Anselmi sold all his landed properties to continue supporting his family. At that time, Roberto's son, being interested in remaining in the wine sector, decided to start the business as a bottler, obtaining excellent economic results in a short time. Afterwards, it will be the grandson of Roberto Anselmi himself who will choose to sell the bottling cellar to return to the origins, buying some plots particularly suited for viticulture, in order to enhance the native varieties of the territory thanks to the help of science and innovation, which in the oenological and viticultural fields were proceeding with great strides. It is in this way that, from father to son, today Lisa and Tommaso are firmly holding the reins of the Anselmi winery. We are near Verona, exactly in Monteforte d'Alpone, in the San Carlo area precisely: this is where we meet the Anselmi family company, whose vineyards, not far from Monte Foscarini, are located about three hundred meters altitude above sea level. The rows, facing south, grow on calcareous and volcanic soils, and are cared for with scrupulous and maniacal attention, so as to ensure that, harvest after harvest, we get to harvest healthy and genuine grapes, rich and concentrated in every smallest organoleptic nuance. After harvesting, the bunches of Garganega, Chardonnay and Trebbiano arrive in the cellar, where they are processed in the name of the highest quality and respecting the season and the territory. The vinification is carried out purely in steel, so as to enhance all the varietal notes of the grapes. It is in this way that excellent labels come to life: wines that are born from a great love, the son of four different generations of winemakers.

Owner Roberto Anselmi
Enologist Roberto Anselmi
Region Venetian (Italy)
Year established 1948
Wines produced Principalmente vini fatti con vitigno Garganega
Total bottles produced 750000
Hectares of vineyard 70
Address ANSELMI - Monteforte d'Alpone (VR) - Via San Carlo, 46