The history of Akashi Sakè Brewery dates back to the end of the Tokugawa period (1600-1867) and more precisely when the company, formerly a producer of soy sauce and a rice trader, registered in the commercial register to make the most of its geographical position. In the last fifty years Akashi has grown and expanded, it is no longer a small fishing village but a real city and despite this its fame is still intact due to the quality of the catch from its coasts. In all this time, the production practices of the Brewery have remained unchanged: in the fermentation of the selected sake the Akashi Sakè Brewery uses only the finest ingredients, almost exclusively produced on site. For example, the company uses the yamada-nishiki variety of rice, a superior grain that grows in the region just north of Akashi. Furthermore, for the company it is a source of pride to maintain an approach as traditional and artisanal as possible to continue producing one of the best Japanese sake.

Kimio Yonezawa
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Giappone; Okubocho Nishijima, Akashi, Prefettura di Hyōgo
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