Ron Abuelo Panama is a trademark of the Varela Hermanos S.A, born in 1908 thanks to a Spanish immigrant: Don José Varela Blanco. In that year, in Pesè, the first sugar factory of the Republic of Panama was founded with the name of "Ingenio San Isidro". In 1936 the transformation took place: from simple sugar refinery began to distill the juice obtained from the fermentation of sugar cane for the production of alcohol. The first bottle of Ron Abuelo was produced in 1960, while in 2001 the first bottles are exported outside Panama. Today Ron Abuelo is managed by the third generation of the Varela family and is present in 44 international markets, confirming himself as one of the leaders in the Rum sector thanks to the wide variety of its labels, from the most traditional that have led to the affirmation of the brand in the world, to the latest productions made with innovative methods.

Varela Hermanos S.A
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1600 ha
Ron Abuelo Panama - Pesè, Herrera - Repubblica di Panama
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