The white wines from Molise

Among the wine Italian culture the white wines from Molise is not so renamed but in the last years it improves and it becomes to be renowned in Italy and abroad.

Traditionally the grapes cultivation in this area dates back the Sunnites that understood that the hilly soils of this area and the proximity to the sea could be a good place to cultivate.

Naturally the Romans exalt the realization of the wine and improved the production. At about the middle of the last century there were new inputs with the use of new and modern cultivation methods and so the white wines from Molise have achieved the quality and the quantity of the best Italian producing regions.

The traditional white grapes vineyards

The vineyards are located at low altitudes quite close to the sea. This condition is transmitted to the particular aromas of the wines.

Another characteristic of this area are the typologies of soils that give to the white wines of this area a unique taste and aroma coming from the clay that with its humidity keep wet the roots during the dry periods.

Most of our selected bottles belong to the Molise Doc that guarantees the quality. For example there is the Falanghina an elegant and refined wine realized with the steel tanks fermentation under temperature control which gives a fresh and intense aroma, a pleasant taste and a very good persistence on the palate.

Particularly prestigious is also the Verdicchio a white dry wine cultivated on clay and sandy soils, with a mineral taste and a great structure.

Tastes and smells for the perfect matches

The white wine of Molise has remarkable aromas that are perfect to be matched with white meats flavored with aromatic herbs to exalt the tastes.

The most important chefs suggest the match with second meal of fish to achieve unique tasty matches. Other ones are perfect as appetizers served in tapered wine glasses to smell the floral aromas perfect to be matched with soft cheeses, sea food, or with delicate but decided tastes.

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