Riva di Franciacorta

Riva di Franciacorta Winery

The Winery Riva di Franciacorta is located in Fantecolo di Provaglio D’Iseo a small village in a hilly landscape and covers an area of 34 hectares.

This company was founded in 1990 and since then the brothers Alfred and Albert, moved by passion, they selectedthe soils with better exposure in the land of Franciacorta.

Among the objectives of the family Riva we find the commitment to produce unique wines of great quality with research of balance between tradition and advanced technology respecting land, all backed by great attention to environment. In fact, both in cultivation and in the wine cellar have been taken measures to reduce the impact on the ecosystem and conserve energy.

Ideal for festive moments the wines Riva di Franciacorta are fragrant, rich in personality and character, each bottle is the result of a long involvement.

The wines that represent this company are Franciacorta Brut DOCG, Franciacorta Saten DOCG, Franciacorta Millesimato DOCG and Franciacorta Rosé DOCG.

Riva di Franciacorta - Fantècolo di Provaglio d'Iseo (BS) - Via C. Alberto, 19
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