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Apulia White Wines

The white wines from Puglia

The so called “heel” of Italy is one of the region where the tradition and the love for the territory are so important that the relation between sea and mountain give life to white vines which produce the white wine from Puglia that delight the mouths of everyone.

The most classical wines from Puglia are a symbol of the wine production of Italy and if matched with the right courses they can conquer the most difficult taster.

The strength of the white wines from Puglia is contained in the love of the farmers in every step of the wine making process from the picking to when the juicy grapes are ready to be transformed into wine. Every bottle encloses the Puglia tastes that exalts the organoleptic characteristics of these white wines that are perfect to be matched to the local traditional cooking.

The excellences

One of the most important variety is the Muscat wine a gold DOC with fruity aromas and its aromatic taste is perfect to be paired with the bakery from Puglia.

Another wonderful vine is the Chardonnay with its typical straw yellow color, the fruity aroma and floral hints with a fragrant and sapid aftertaste perfect to be matched with sea food such as the roasted fish risottos but also the white meats.

One of the most renowned is the Salice Salentino made with Pinot Bianco grapes with a light straw yellow color and a dry taste which is normally consumed in its sparkling version with this researched young aspect.

The white wine from Puglia on sale

Our offer of the white wines from Puglia can delight also the most difficult taster because we have a wide range of bottles that can be matched with every course.

You can drink the wines from Puglia with fish courses, fish soups or with mixed roasted fish with a unique opportunity to bring home one of the most important wine production in Italy. Puglia is rich of tradition where the care for the local products is very high.

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