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Villa Tavernago Wines

Villa Tavernago Winery

The Tenuta of Villa Tavernago combines the roots of its excellent organic wines and organic wines with no added sulfites with history, art, culture and nature. Its footprint is left by the aristocratic nobility of the "titles"  historians of the owners from the Borromeo to Cigala Fulgosi.

The vineyards are located on the hills of the Lunetta and the Val Tidone, the best of the Colli Piacentini. A wide and sunny valley appears to be the ideal setting to discover the traditional agricultural practices and cultivate the vines in full respect of nature in a pristine environment renouncing chemical aids to give life to a wonderful organic wine that has preserved a genuine taste together to organoleptic characteristics far superior.

Cultivation, winemaking and wine aging "Villa Tavernago" respond to the rigorous discipline required by the Consortium "Natural Valley" brand established in 2002 by the Department of the Provincial Agriculture of Piacenza in collaboration with professional associations.

The territory that includes the mountain and most of the province, will remain a high-quality environment, maintaining uncontaminated air, water and earth.