Spumante Rosè Santa Margherita

Vino Spumante
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Wine Characteristics

Santa Margherita
Wine list:
Vino Spumante
Glera, Malbech
Standard bottle
Light and fresh
Sushi-sashimi, Mussels, Oysters, Medium-aged cheeses, spicy cheese, Aperitif, Appetizers steamed fish

Descrizione vino

The cuvée converted in sparkling wine is made by white wine produced with Glera grapes and by a rosé wine produced with Malbech grapes. The re-fermentation made by the Santa Margherita winery takes place in autoclaves where the re-fermentation occurs at 15°C for one month. Once got the over-pressure desired which is around 6,5 bar, it takes place the cooling to stop the re-fementation and help the stabilization. The sparkling stays in the autoclave on contact with the yeasts for the aging period which is around six months before being commercialized. The Glera and Malbech grapes are cultivated on hills in the Treviso province in the core of the DOC area. They are located at 350 meters above the sea level. The soil has moraine origins. The cultivation of the grapes occurs with two methods: the first is the Sylvoz and the double Guyot for the Glera grapes and the second the spurred cordon for the Malbech grapes. The density of the cultivation is between 3500 and 5000 trees per hectare and the grape harvest takes place in September.


Characteristics of this Spumante Rosè Extra Dry

The "Spumante 52 Rosé Extra Dry" has a light rosé color which is the anticipation of the floral fragrances and the red little fruits aromas which is the smelly manifestation of delicacy, richness and stimulation. The elegance of the aromas makes the taste fresh, light, vibrating and persistent. It has a bright and versatile profile which is also light and drinkable.


Suggested pairings while tasting this Sparkling Rosè wine

This spectacular sparkling wine has to be served as appetizer. It is perfect with many Italian snacks but also with fish starters or cooking creation made by lightness and fragrances. It has to be tasted with spicy oriental cooking. It has to be served at 6°C in a high and tapered wine glass.

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