Spumante Rosé "Brut de Noir" Cleto Chiarli

Emilia Romagna
Spumante Rosé
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Wine Characteristics

Cleto Chiarli
Emilia Romagna
Wine list:
Spumante Rosé
100% Grasparossa
Standard bottle
Light and fresh
Cold meats and salami, Aperitif, Stuzzichini, Medium-aged cheeses, Mixed fried fish, Risotto with seafood

Descrizione vino

This is a very important label of the Chiarli winery: it has a pink almost red color ending to a very light purple color. It is well structured, rich of intense scents with remarkable strawberry and raspberry aromas. It is round, lively, intriguing and seducing. There is a soft pressing of the entire or raked off grapes, under temperature control and there are later added the selected yeasts. The re-fermentation takes place with the “cuve close” method at low temperature. The denomination is Rosè Spumante Brut produced by Grasparossa grapes at 100%. The proof is 12%.


Characteristics of the sparkling Rosé Brut de Noir

It has a lively foam with a pink currant color and fine and abundant bubbles. The scent is long, intense and fruity with a wood fruits taste. 


Suggested pairings for this Sparkling wine of the Cleto Chiarli winery

The Brut de Noir of the Chiarli winery is a perfect appetizer wine to be joined by delicate and refined courses. It is ideal with desserts, with strawberries and salad fruits. It has to be served at 8°-10°C in flute wine glasses or in high and tapered one if served as appetizer.

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