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Piedmont Sparkling

The Sparkling wines from Piedmont

In the wine Made in Italy production the wines from Piedmont are very important and the sparkling wines are very prestigious in this area.

Historically the Savoy region has always been an excellence in the production of mono-varietal wines. It is famous for the production of important red wines but there is also some very quality sparkling wine which is the result of white grapes.

Initially the grapes were used to satisfy the own need but during the Middle Age the quantity won on the quality.

After many times the farmers decided to refuse the homologation and started to cultivate specialized vines and Canelli was one of the starting point of the sparkling wine production from Piedmont thanks to Carlo Gancia who readapted the French method to the local territory.

Production methods for the quality

The sparkling wines produced in Piedmont have a soft and fine foam because of the natural fermentation of the grapes which can occurs both in the barrel and in the bottle. The classic method is the most spread with a slow re-fermentation in the bottle connected to a second fermentation with the yeast to help the carbo dioxide. The Martinotti’s method contemplates the re-fermentation in wide tanks where the pressure is constantly checked.

The Sparkling wine moscato is considered one of the most renowned of Piedmont and it is normally produced in the Asti area with 100% Moscato bianco berries with a persistent foam, with a gold straw yellow color and a sweet and balanced taste. The wines of this area were the first to be honored by the DOC certification.

In the “Alta Langa” area there are produced sparkling wine also with Chardonnay and Pinot Nero grapes at 100% cultivated on marl and clay soils on medium-high hills located at 250 meters above the sea level around the Tanaro river.

Sweet or salty for the perfect match

It is perfect with classic desserts thanks to the sparkling taste perfect with the softness of the pies.

It is also perfect for the appetizer, like many white wines from Piedmont, but it is also good with fish such as salmon, oysters or the local smoked trout.

The effervescence of these wines makes them perfect for cold cuts or cheeses for a very good experience. Normally it must be served at 8°C to remark the floral and fruity aroma with a great persistence on the palate.

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