Sparkling wines from Marche

In the Italian wine production has to be mentioned this little region that can diversifies the production with a constant research of the local varieties and it cares about the quality and the valorization of the Sparkling wines from Marche which are excellent and always appreciated.

This typology of wine started with the Etruscans, at around the 800 B.C., with the spreading of the coupled vineyard which means the use of already present trees and to let the vineyard to climb up also to facilitate the picking.

Despite what Pliny the Elder used to say “Those of the Picenum’s”, in the Middle Age there was a great change and it started a real organization for the cultivation and the production of the prestigious white wines from Marche which includes the sparkling wines which are nationally and internationally appreciated despite the little production.

Very ancient and quality sparkling wines

The sparkling wines of Marche have a very ancient history and the food and wine writers use to say that this sparkling wine has very remote origins, in fact the first “champenois” of Italy was produced in this region and it was very appreciated by the musician Spontini.

There are also some other proofs of this wine in some letter of the Jesi’s Gonfalonier and of the Ducal house of the Leuchtemberg in Fano both lovers of the wines made of the Verdicchio dei Castelli and the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona.

The Garofali sparkling wines are very prestigious with a light character and they are produced around the Jesi’s castle, with the Verdicchio grapes which have to mature on the yeasts up to 48 months. There are some floral aromas which are the result of the classic method used.

The sparkling wine from Marche is light, delicate with a fresh style which doesn’t achieve the 12%. It is fruity with harmony and the right balance in the taste.

Delicate aromas and prestigious contrasts

The sparkling wines from Marche are dynamic and suitable to many matches and they are perfect with elegant and delicate aromas and with unexpected contrasts.

They are perfect for every appetizer but also with fish starters both raw and cooked and the sapid taste of the food will be perfectly balanced by the sweetness of these wines with a constant pleasant feeling on the palate.

They must be served cold at maximum 8°C and they are perfect with the wood’s products or with vegetables both grilled and battered. They are also good with fresh cheeses. These wines are also meal wines very versatile to exalt every course.

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