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Sardi Giustiniani Farm

The farm Sardi Giustiniani, is located in Via della Maulina a few kilometers from the majestic city walls towards the sea.

The property, which covers 45 acres, has about 19 hectares of vineyards in conversion to organic farming "DOC Colline Lucchesi". The "DOC Colline Lucchesi" is one of the first born in Italy, lies in North-West region of Tuscany between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apennine mountain range.

The climate is cool, breezy, sunny and varied soils of sedimentary origin in the area give the wines a vibrancy and a unique complexity that makes them perfect expression of an exceptional terroir. Since 2002, the management of the farm and the farm is entrusted to Jacopo Giustiniani and Matthew, grandchildren of Countess Maria Adelaide Sardis, who continued in the intensive program of renovation of the historic activities of "farm-villa in Lucca" already undertaken by his grandfather in Sebastian eighties.