Prosecco DOC Treviso “FURLO” Extra Dry Merotto

Prosecco Doc Treviso
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Merotto winery The Merotto winery is located in the Col of San Martino in the Valdobbiadene DO...
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Wine Characteristics

Wine list:
Prosecco Doc Treviso
100% Glera
Standard bottle
Light and fresh
Aperitif, Sushi-sashimi, Stuzzichini, Crustaceans, fresh cheese, Oysters, Appetizers steamed fish

Descrizione vino

The Merotto winery produces this magnificent and elegant Prosecco DOC which is the best interpretation of the Glera grapes. The sparkling wine is the best expression of this winery. This wine is often described with intense and elegant emotions. The smell enchants and the taste envelops with fresh fruits and flowers. The complex is seducing.   The production are of the Prosecco Furlo DOC of the Merotto winery is the Treviso province. The wine is made with 100% Glera grapes coming from the oriental Veneto and the grapes are softly pressed and they have to ferment under temperature control. The re-fermentation and the natural fermentation takes place in autoclaves for 40 days at 13°-14°C. The proof of the Prosecco Bianco DOC Furlo of the Meritto winery is 11%, the sugars are 16 gr. per liter and the atmospheric pressure is 5 bar with the reference temperature of 20°C.


Characteristics of this Prosecco Doc Treviso Extra Dry

It has an intense straw yellow color with green reflections visible backlight. The foam is brilliant with a fine grain and the perlage is absolutely fine, intense, vigorous and persistent. The smell is fragrant, delicate , rich of fresh fruit, linden and lily flowers. It is very floral, wide and enveloping. The taste is fresh, sapid with intense apple and pear sensations with a remarkable mineral flavor with a fruity aftertaste.


Suggested pairings with the prosecco Doc Treviso "Furlo"

The Prosecco Furlo DOC Extra Dry of the Merotto winery could be used as an exceptional and refined appetizer. It is perfect for convivial moments during summer nights. It has to be serve at 6°-8°C in a Flûte wine glass.

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