Prosecco DOC Treviso “COLMOLINA” Dry - Millesimato Merotto

Prosecco Doc Treviso
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Merotto winery The Merotto winery is located in the Col of San Martino in the Valdobbiadene DO...
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Wine Characteristics

Wine list:
Prosecco Doc Treviso
100% Glera
Standard bottle
Light and fresh
Aperitif, Desserts, Pasticceria secca, Stuzzichini, Crustaceans, fresh cheese, Hot appetizers of fish

Descrizione vino

The Merotto winery produces this sensational prosecco Dry millesimato with a carefulness to the local tradition and to the respect of the ancient cellarers that used to vinify this fantastic Colmolina prosecco. The Colmolina Prosecco Dry Millesimato has a delicate and soft taste. It is elegant, fruity and fresh with enveloping hints. The production area is located in the Treviso province. This wine is made with 100% Glera grapes a local wine from Treviso that generates delicate wine very attracting and charming. There is a soft pressing  and the following fermentation under temperature control. Another particular characteristic is the re-fermentation and the natural fermentation in autoclave for about 50 days at 13°-14°C. The proof is 11%, the sugars are 22g per liter and a pressure of 5 bar at 20°C.


Characteristics of  this Prosecco DOC Treviso wine

The white wine Colmolina, Prosecco DOC Dry Millesimato of the Merotto winery has an elegant and decided aspect. It has a straw yellow color with wide green reflections. The foam is brilliant with little grains with a consequent fine and persistent perlage. The smell is refined, delicate and thin. There are remarkable apple and exotic fruits hints. The jasmine completes the aromatic endowment. The taste is soft, balanced and creamy. The aftertaste is pleasant, inviting with a fresh must hint.


Suggested pairings while tasting this Prosecco wine of Merotto winery

The prosecco DOC Treviso Dry Millesimato Colmolina of the Merotto winery is perfect with fresh and refined patisserie. It is very good as appetizer alone or matched with little soft and sweet bakery. It has to be served in a flûte at 6°-8°C.

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