Primenebbie 2010 Cascina Piano

Primenebbie Igt
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La Cantina Cascinapiano racconta una storia giovane che valorizza un’antica cultura. Nata nel ...
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Wine Characteristics

Cascina Piano
Wine list:
Rosso Igt
Primenebbie Igt
Standard bottle
Full-bodied and intense
Hard cheese, Meat stewed, Mixed boiled meat, Zuppe, Milanese cutlet

Descrizione vino

Primenebbie Cascinapiano

This winery from Lombardia expresses all its quality and tradition in the local production. This winery is tradition, research, innovation and development. The standards are regulated by the “IGT Ronchi Varesini” with the aim of improving more and  more the products.

The Cascinapiano winery presents this autumnal wine: “Both the banks are full of vineyards and the wines are plentiful and delicate, both red and white and of rare quality. Beyond what the drinker uses, some it is sent to Milan, in German land and elsewhere every year, more than fifteen thousand of carts”.

The Primenebbie wine is produced at the South of Verbano at Angera in the Cascina Piano and la Rotonda territories with a South-east exposition.


Characteristic of the wine

The grapes used are 100% Nebbiolo cultivated with the cane pruning with a light grassing and fertilizing not to have too many modifications in the vine stump. The annual production is about 80 quintals per year. Firstly there is a cold pre fermentation than a fermentation under temperature control with local yeasts. The second step of maceration is quite long and the refinement takes place in oak barrels of medium size which gives structure and character to the wine. The proof is 13% and the acidity is 5.5 Ph and finally the dry extract is 23%. It has a red garnet color with an intense and pleasant red fruit and spicy aromas which evolve with bottle refinement. It has an elegant and full taste with a great and balanced tannins structure.


Suggested matches

The Primenebbie wine of the Cascinapiano winery has to be served at 18°C in Grand Ballon wine glasses capable of oxygenation and evaporation of intense fruity aromas.

It has to be matches with humid red meats or roasted meats, but also with game in humid with structured sauces and long aged cheeses or moldy ones. 

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