Muller Thurgau-Glera Vino Spumante Brut Santa Margherita

Trentino-Alto Adige
Vino Spumante
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Wine Characteristics

Santa Margherita
Trentino-Alto Adige
Wine list:
Vino Spumante
Müller Thurgau, Glera
Standard bottle
Light and fresh
Vegetables in batter, Hot appetizers of fish, Spaghetti with clams, Risotto with seafood, Sushi-sashimi, Stuzzichini

Descrizione vino

This spectacular sparkling wine of the Santa Margherita company is produced by Müller Thurgau and Glera grapes both local vines from the Veneto. The production area is the Triveneto and the cultivation areas are located on different altitudes up to 500 meters above the sea level. All the vines used, even if cultivated in different areas, are cultivated with the trellised from Trentino or with the spurred cordon. The harvested grapes picked at the half of September, depending on the different degrees of maturation, allow the must to achieve a proof of 11,5%. Both the varieties of vines used are picked to create a perfect foam, earlier compared to the normal harvest, with the aim to preserve the acidity. The vinification occurs in different steel tanks at 16-18°C and after a short stop they are blended to create softness, freshness and harmony and so the composition is put in autoclaves together with selected yeasts under temperature control. The second fermentation occurs in autoclave at 16°C to preserve all its aromatic refinement. Once got the overpressure, it follows a resting period of three months on their yeasts.


Characteristics of the Müller Thurgau-Glera Sparkling wine Brut

This sparkling wine of the Santa Margherita winery is bright, with a straw yellow color and a crackling perlage with floral and fruity aromas with pleasant grass and herbs hints. The taste is the same of the smell with a crispy sensation and a vibrating freshness which makes longer the already quoted aromatic hints.


Suggested pairings while tasting this Sparkling wine by Santa Margherita Winery

The sparkling Müller Thurgau-Glera Brut wine is perfect as  appetizer or together with starters of cold cuts or vegetables. It is perfect also with first courses with delicate sauces or with fish. It is wonderful with fried vegetables and fishes. It has to be served at 6°C in a high and tapered wine glass.

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