Magnum 1,5 Liters Passito di Pantelleria "Ben Ryé" DOP In Wooden Box Donnafugata

Passito di Pantelleria Dop
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3 Bicchieri gambero rosso
3 Bicchieri gambero rosso

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Passito di Pantelleria Dop
Raisin wine

Descrizione vino

This bottle is sold to screen-printed Wooden Box, and Magnum 1.5 liters.


The exceptional Raisin white wine “Ben Ryé” is a sweet wine of the Donnafugata cellar of Pantelleria in rich hills charged of salt elements, wind and saltiness coming from the sea. Its peculiar characteristics are the important structure, the floral hints and the spicy aroma due to the exotic fruits. The whole wine making process lasts 3-4 months. The harvest of the Zibibbo grapes starts after the 15thof August. The withering process is natural under the sun light on drying racks for 3-4 months whom aim is the concentration of the sugars and flavors in the berries. In September after another picking, is produced some must from fresh grapes to which is added many times the natural raisin destemmed grapes (around 70kg per 100 liters of must) during the fermentation process.  The fermentation ends around the half of November when the Ben Ryé achieves its renowned balance. It follows the aging in tanks and lately in bottles for 10-12 months.


Characteristic of the Passito di Pantelleria Ben Ryè wine

This white wine of the Donnafugata cellar is rich of history and prestigious because it is a complex and enveloping wine, very sweet, soft and fresh in the palate. The perfume is rich of apricots and peach aromas, with fresh and sweet sensations of dry fig and honey together with herbs and a mineral taste. In this wine are used 100% Zibibbo grapes cultivated with the bush-trained method with very short vines inside an hollow. Also the pruning is short and the vines density doesn’t pass the 2500 stumps per hectare. The production doesn’t pass the 40 quintals per year. The proof of this wine is 14,5%.  The taste is sweet, sapid and soft. It is quite persistent too.


Suggested matches with this great sicilian Raisin wine

The Ben Ryé Donnafugata is an extraordinary sipping wine which is ideal while you are reading a book or listening to some music. It is suggested as final in a formal dinner or in a seduction moment. Its sweetness makes it perfect with aged or blue cheeses or with the foie gras. It is suggested also with bakery with ricotta. It has to be served at 14°C in tulip wine glasses.

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