Lagrein Rosè Alto Adige DOC KETTMEIR Santa Margherita

Trentino-Alto Adige
Lagrein Rosè Alto Adige DOC
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Kettmeir is one of the most important name in the wine tradition of the Alto Adige. It is renowned i...
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Wine Characteristics

Santa Margherita - KETTMEIR
Trentino-Alto Adige
Wine list:
Lagrein Rosè Alto Adige DOC
100% Lagrein
Standard bottle
Light and fresh
Appetizers Smoked Fish, Fish stew, Aperitif, swordfish, Appetizers steamed fish, Crustaceans, Oysters, fresh cheese, Spaghetti with clams

Descrizione vino

It is spectacular, refined, clear and prestigious. These are the peculiar characteristics of the Lagrein Rosé wine of the Kettmeir winery. The refined vinification in rosé starts with the soft pressing of the grapes under temperature control of the must kept at 18°-20°C which reinforce the wine structure. The Lagrein grapes are cultivated on loose, sandy and backfill soils. They are also fertile and well drained, all located at 200-300 meters above the sea level. The cultivation method is the trellis which is a classic and traditional system for the Kettmeir winery.


Characteristics of the wine Lagrein Rosè Alto Adige DOC

This spectacular and fantastic rosé wine has a special pink color with light lilac reflections which are delicate and appreciable backlight. The perfume is delicate and pleasant with light strawberry and black berry hints. The taste is in harmony with the scent with a remarkable persistence enriched by its fullness and a very sapid taste.


Suggested pairings with this rosé wine from Alto Adige

The suggested match with the Rosé Lagrein DOC Kettmeir is with pasta with meat sauce, light but tasty. It is perfect also with white meat with grilled vegetables. It is perfect with a Tyrolean snack made by low aged cheeses and cold cuts. It has to be served at 14°C in a “Ballon” or “Bordeaux” wine glasses to  concentrate the scents during the taste.

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