Frappato 2013 Igt Cos
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Frappato Igt
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Wine Characteristics

Wine list:
Nero d'Avola
Frappato Igt
100% Frappato
Standard bottle
Medium-bodied and fragrant
fresh cheese, Cold meats and salami, Caponata

Descrizione vino

The Biological Frappato is a red wine very rich and prestigious as denotes the red label. It is a product of the well-known Cos cellar and it comes from a frappato grapes used in a single variety wine making. It is also known as Frappato di Vittoria and it has some particular characteristics: extremely fresh and fruity, easy to be matched, with all cheeses especially the caciocavallo both fresh than aged which is a local product of Sicily and mostly of the Ragusa province.

The vine used for this wine is old in fact the first evidence of its existence age back to the XVIII century. Its origins are not sure and apparently its roots are original from the Iberian Peninsula. They exists two varieties very similar one to each other: both of them with extended bunches and very close berries with an intense red color tending to a violet one. The berries, by being very close one to each other augment the risk of broking themselves. This creates the formation of mold and pollution for the product. Thanks to the prompt harvest and the limited extension of the cellar Cos vineyard this problem doesn’t exist and the products have the best quality. The Frappato is produced with the Frappato di Vittoria grapes used as 100% single variety winemaking.

The production territory is in the South-east of Sicily in the halfway between Bastonaca and Vittoria hamlet at 250 meters above the sea level. The ground where this grapes are cultivated is medium consistence and comes from sand hailing from the feet of the Apennines. Its origin is Pliocene very calcareous and silica alternated with fresh and compact clay layers and tuffs. 

The cultivation method is in espalier at 70 cm from the ground and the best picking period is the last week of September. The fermentation takes place in vitrify cement tanks.

Characteristics of this wine

The Frappato wine of the Cos cellar is aged and refined for at least six months to which they have to be added three months of bottle refinement.

The color is unified, a very clear ruby red color. The fragrances bouquet is fresh and widespread, very wide and persistent. There is a clear aroma of red fruits, blue berries, raspberries and black berries. The taste is very lively and fresh, fine and persistent.

Suggested matches

It has to be served fresh, even if it is a red wine, at 14° max 15°C. It is perfect as appetizers for fresh and aged cheeses tasting, or with cold cuts and game pâté. It is also suggested with fish. It should not be drunk with rich courses because they would hide the refined taste of this wine.

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