Don Luigi Riserva Rosso DOC Di Majo Norante
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Don Luigi Rosso Doc
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Wine Characteristics

Di Majo Norante
Wine list:
Molise Doc
Don Luigi Rosso Doc
90% Montepulciano; 10% Aglianico
Standard bottle
Full-bodied and intense
Florentina Steak, Gnocchi al ragù, Fillet with green pepper, Cut of beff, Pasta with meat sauce, pork knuckle baked, mushroom risotto, Hard cheese

Descrizione vino

The red wine Don Luigi represents the most important product of the Di Majo Norante winery. This wine is obtained by a careful selection of the best and ripest grapes of Montepulciano and Aglianico. The must has a long rest on the peels and then it has to mature in little oak barrels. The blend is made by a 90% of Montepulciano and a 10% of Aglianico grapes cultivated at Martarosa hamlet at 100 meters above the sea level in the core of the best DOC area of Molise. The calcareous soil give structure and body to the taste and the cultivation method (the vertical-trellised) and the youth of the vines permit the harvest to be between the end of October and the beginning of November. The wine making process consists on the maceration of the peels on the must for 1 month. The malolactic fermentation takes place completely and the aging takes place in new barrels for at least 12 months and further 12 months in bottle. The proof is 13,93% and the acidity is 5,55 grams per liter.


Characteristics of the red wine Don Luigi Riserva Doc

The red wine Don Luigi DOC of the Di Majo Norante winery has an intense and deep red color with impenetrable purple reflections. It is a rich wine, intense with a great harmony which is the result of ripen fruit taste together with the prune, toasted wood and vanilla hints.


Suggested pairings with the Don Luigi Riserva Rosso

It is perfect with red meats, game, Mediterranean courses, more or less aged cheeses and grilled meats. The service temperature has to be 20°C and it has to be served in Bordeaux wine glasses.

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